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Here is your alternative pain injection

A long-standing treatment, that is recently available in the state of Arizona by your local Certified Acupuncturist is now available at Elaia Integrative Healthcare. The homeopathic Traumeel injections, a remedy for natural inflammation relief. Any inflammation in the body causing pain may be relieved with a simple Traumeel injection. Infused with botanical ingredients, Traumeel injections are recognized as a natural homeopathic pain relief remedy. Arizonian’s can now benefit from receiving Traumeel injections that do not typically cause negative side effects. Arnica Montana root is the main botanical ingredient in a Traumeel injection.

Arnica Montana Root and its Natural Anti-inflammatory effects

Inflammation in the body is not always but often caused by a physical injury. Known for its ability to provide relief from pain caused by inflammation, Arnica Montana root offers natural treatment. People can opt to undergo Traumeel injections containing Arnica Montana root as well as other homeopathic ingredients instead of cortisone shots or prescribed medications. Whether the pain is caused by a sports injury or tennis elbow, natural inflammation relief via a Traumeel injectionprovides a welcome alternative.

Homeopathic Injections are Safe

Research shows that most people do not experience any adverse reactions after receiving homeopathic injections. For most people, traumeel injections provide natural homeopathic pain relief devoid of any negative reactions. People experiencing pain caused by a variety of possible reasons can find relief without submitting to potentially harmful medical treatments such as medications or surgery.

More about Homeopathic Traumeel Injections

When any part of the body is injured, the immune system’s response commonly includes swelling in the area where the skin tissues have been affected. Unfortunately, the human body tends to react in an excessive manner, which causes the inflamed area to take a long time before it is completely healed. Homeopathic traumeel injections help relieve the swollen areas and promote a much faster healing response.

Natural Traumeel injections offer inflammation relief to various parts of the human body. Here are a few of the medical conditions treated by homeopathic Traumeel injections:

  • lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow)

  • minor pain caused by arthritis

  • spasms of the muscles

  • bone fractures

  • torn muscles and ligaments

  • sprains

  • pain in the pelvic area

  • hip pain

  • sports injuries

  • pain experienced after surgical procedures

Natural Homeopathic Traumeel Injections Versus Cortisone Shots

Cortisone shots have been used by allopathic physicians for many years. Although corticosteroids are relatively safe ingredients for treating inflammation caused by pain, some patients may prefer to undergo alternative homeopathic treatments. Traumeel injections provide natural pain relief for people who prefer treatments containing botanical ingredients. Plus, some patients find that cortisone shots do not provide complete relief from all painful symptoms. People who are looking for natural alternative remedies may experience satisfactory results after undergoing a series of administered homeopathic traumeel injections.

When to Make an Appointment for a Traumeel Treatment

Anyone experiencing a sports injury or sudden inflammatory pain can make an immediate appointment with our Acupuncture physician. After receiving the first injection, our physician can determine whether the patient requires more injections. Some patients may need to return for several injections until the pain is no longer an issue. When combining these injections with acupuncture treatment and cupping the body heals much, much faster.

Make an Appointment for an Initial Consultation Today

Any person seeking an alternative treatment for pain relief is encouraged to call our office for an appointment. Drifting through life with constant pain is an unacceptable way to live. Give us a call now at (480) 269-2656 to schedule your homeopathic Traumeel injection for natural inflammation relief.

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