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B-Energy Injection, not just a B-12 shot!

Dr. Tiffany Avery, DACM, MSOM, MSAc., BS, Dip. Ac., L.Ac.

Acupuncture Point Injection (APIT) is an integrative therapy that blends the best of Chinese Medicine with conventional and vitamins, minerals, and homeopathic medicine. Employing this technique, APIT certified Acupuncture Physicians inject natural therapeutic substances such as homeopathic remedies, vitamins or minerals, into acupuncture points specific to your wellness needs. By stimulating powerful acupuncture points with proven natural substances, we can affect the body on a deeper level and create a longer lasting healing climate.

APIT is particularly effective for the resolution of acute and chronic pain in the body, particularly in the shoulder, back, knee, and neck along with treating arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis and spasms. We also use APIT techniques in many of our weight loss protocols, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Wellness injections to boost the immune system and even our B-12 Injections. B-12 Injections help not only with weight loss and energy but also with depression, high cholesterol, Fatty Liver, muscle and nerve pains.

Depending on the elements we are targeting, it will depend on the Acupuncture point used to inject B-12. This is not just a B-12 shot in the butt! When you pair the actions of the Acupuncture point with the actions of the B-12 and the type of B-12 being used, it is much more effective.

To use APIT as a therapy, Acupuncture Physicians must complete additional didactic and clinical training beyond their traditional education. An additional certification in APIT must be earned to practice this technique. Please make sure you see someone that has completed this Certification.

What is the function of Vitamin B-12?

Vitamin B-12 is a co-factor in the transfer of methyl groups in the body, important in the synthesis of DNA. B-12 is also important for carbohydrate metabolism. A symptom of B-12 deficiency can be neurological problems because the nervous system uses carbohydrates as a main fuel source. In addition, B-12 deficiency can result in Megaloblastic Anemia, a type of anemia in which the red blood cells grow without dividing, becoming enlarged. What are symptoms of Vitamin B-12 Deficiency?

  • Low energy

  • Tingling sensation or numbness in hands or feet

  • A swollen, red cracked tongue

  • Mood changes

  • Trouble concentrating and remembering things

  • Megaloblastic anemia

People at risk for Vitamin B-12 Deficiency:

  • Deficient of intrinsic factor. Intrinsic factor is produced by the stomach lining and are necessary for the absorption of Vitamin B-12

  • Removal of a portion of the stomach (i.e. post-gastric bypass surgery)

  • Pregnancy

  • Malabsorption diseases (Celiac Disease, Colitis, Crohn’s disease)

  • Lack of or deficiency of stomach acid

  • Heartburn medication, such as proton pump inhibitors

  • Elderly

  • Vegans

  • Vegetarians

  • People with tapeworms

  • Alcoholics

  • Excessive use of antibiotics

  • Excessive use of anti-convulsant medication

  • Daily consumption of Aspirin

  • Taking the diabetic medication such as Metformin

  • Liver Disease

What is the quickest, most effective way to correct a Vitamin B-12 deficiency? The best way to correct a deficiency of Vitamin B-12 is through a Vitamin/Nutrient IV that contains vitamin B12 and/or via vitamin B-12 injections. When administered intravenously or through injection, Vitamin B-12 is not subject to gut absorption and the entire dosage administered is available to the body for use. Any excessive amount not used by the body is flushed out in the urine due to vitamin B-12 being a water-soluble vitamin.

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